Tagliacapelli moser primat

tagliacapelli moser primat

High precision carbon steel "T" shaped blades for close-cutting, finishing and design work.
Extra-powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor with 50 more power.
Performers included : six for the Motion ( mm), an increase only with different cutting heights for the Motion Nano.
Peso: senza cavo 200.Modern and functional design.Two-year warranty, we recommend a constant lubrication chart using the oil supplied in the package to be applied on the blades after each use.31.15 Article code: 3340 Made in Usa, perfetto per tagliare o scolpire barba, baffi, basette e nuca Completo di: - Testina di taglio in acciaio inox rotante di 360 per taglio o styling - Rialzo speciale a 11 posizioni di taglio - Spazzolino - Olio.Edizione limitata in colorazione champagne.Lithium- ion battery, long life and no memory effect : quick charge in 45 minutes, 90 minutes of battery life.73.77, article code: 8841L, professional hair clipper cordless / rechargeable with cutting head fixed in titanium and ceramic, adjustable cutting height is directly from the camera body (from.3mm.9mm ) that using the 4 plastic spacers included in the package ( 3/.
Dimensions: 135 x 40 x 40 mm lubricating oil.
Taglia capelli / Regola barba "Made in Germany" a filo, piccola, pratica come vincere 10000 euro al gratta e vinci e rapidissima da usare.
Motor controlled by a processor in order to ensure a constant cutting force regardless of the state of the batteries.
110.66, article code: 10972.
Quick release chrome plated blades.
Raccomandiamo una costante lubrificazione utilizando lolio fornito allinterno della confezione da applicare sulle lamedopo ogni utilizzo.Motion Type 1885 professional cutting head, adjustable cutting height from.7 to.For direct connection to the mains * Lubricant for maintenance and cleaning brush.Better hair-sliding performance (compared to conventional attachment combs).30 mm x 32 mm x 140 mm (con testina montata) - peso (con testina montata 130gr.Circa - compreso cavo 290 circa Lunghezza cavo:.75 minutes of battery life.Corded operation for continuous power.

Control provided by our laboratory assistance and regrinding.
Including multi-rise (3 or 6mm vial of lubricating oil and brush blade cleaner included.
69.67 Article code: 3047C).