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Abusive Parents : Piero da Vinci (Leonardo's father) most of the time, and Pope Sixtus IV towards his illegitimate son Riario.
The first time, when Leonardo realizes his sleeping drug didn't work on Vlad, and sees him in the rafters: Leonardo Da Vinci: "." The second time when Zoroaster hits him with a heavy cross to little effect: Zoroaster: "Shit." Vlad then knocks him across the.
The record sale price of US450 million includes the buyer's premium, a fee paid by the winner to the auction house.Despite being a Heroic Bastard who therefore has no status, Leo makes advances on Lucrezia, hoping to interest her enough to get a job painting her portrait.He bears the name Leonardo.2.There were ten godparents giving witness, including Piero di Malvolto, far more than the average at the church, and the guests included prominent local gentry.I'm so lucky to be in New York at this time.".Handy Cuffs : Lucrezia uses her chains to kill Bayezid II then steal the keys to escape.The samsung galaxy tab 3 offerte trony whale fossil triggered a dark vision of what would be, throughout his life, one of his deepest forebodings, that of an apocalyptic deluge.Bad Boss : Pope Sixtus IV in "The Devil".During Leonardos lifetime, Italians increasingly began to regularize and register the use of hereditary surnames, and many of these, such as Genovese and DiCaprio, derived from family hometowns.Parental Substitute : Andrea Verrocchio seems to be one to Leonardo, providing both warmth and a profession, neither of which was offered to him by Piero.BFG : Many of Leonardo's gun designs.
Christie's did not immediately identify the buyer.
Isaacson takes on another complex, giant figure and transforms him into someone we can recognize.
Took a Level in Badass : Giuliano de' Medici slowly takes his through the course of Season.
Clarice Orsini: ".or I will have your titles and your testicles removed.
The highest price previously paid for a work of art at auction was US179.4 million, for Picasso's Women of Algiers (Version O) in May 2015, also at Christie's in New York.Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Leonardo, Giuliano, Lorenzo, Zoroaster, Leo's father.In the years following Leonardos birth, Caterina and Accattabriga had four girls and a boy.Both Leonardo and his father, Piero, frequently appended da Vinci to their names.Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk : Riario most of the time, Pope Sixtus IV, Vlad Dracula Knight Templar : Pope Sixtus, maybe.Leonardo has one of them while Riario later reveals he has the other.After the guard has bit the coin, Lorenzo implies that he had smuggled it to the cell in his bottom.

It created an ambiguity of status.
A backer of the auction had guaranteed a bid of at least US100 million, the opening price of the auction, which ran for 19 minutes.
Dracula's seeming immortality and the fact that he only seems damaged by fire and being hit with a giant cross, The Spear of Destiny, and surely more to come.